Atlas Mountain Hiking Tours

Atlas Tour Guides offers multi-day overnight treks as well as leisurely daytrips to all regions of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains. Experienced hikers can book exhilarating overnight excursions over some of Africa’s most beautiful and challenging terrain, while more casual tourists can sign up for equally rewarding day trips through picturesque farmland and villages closer to civilization. The owner and founder, Abdel [last name], knows the mountains and valleys of the Atlas like the back of his hand, and is a consummate host and conversationalist who loves to share the wisdom, humor, and hospitality of the Berber culture.

From the Ouzoud waterfall (left) to the Happy Valley of Ait Bougmez, to the lofty 4071 meter peak of M’goun, the Atlas Mountain region features some of the most diverse and inspiring natural beauty to be found anywhere on planet Earth. And what’s more amazing even than the scenery is the ancient culture which is completely intertwined with the landscape. Unlike the National Parks in the US where you are more or less on your own, here in Morocco’s Atlas one can affordably hire one of our experienced local guides who will not only ensure your safe passage to all destinations, but also act as gracious host who will introduce you to his culture, community, and uniquely wonderful way of life.



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